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Veneto: region
Veneto, Italy
Temperate climate
Number of wineries
Pinot Grigio, Garganega, Corvina, Cabernet

Originating from centuries-old traditions and knowledge the Veneto area is a historic wine region located in the northeast of Italy. It stretches from the foothills of the Dolomites in the north, to the lowland of the Adriatic Sea southeast and shores of Lake Garda in the west. Venice, the capital of Veneto, is a popular tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors to this region every year.

The varying landscapes of the area have created different mesoclimates that allow winemakers to cultivate a variety of world-class grapes across the spectrum. Popular white varieties include Prosecco, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio wines as well as distinct red vines from Corvina to Cabernet and Merlot. On the scale of Italian wine production, the Veneto region is responsible for 8 million hectolitres of wine each year, and the quality of wine being produced in this region is shown by their wine designations. The Veneto region is home to 28 DOC and 14 DOCG wines which, under Italian wine law, is the highest classification of quality available among Italian wines.

Experiences and attractions


Full of rich history and architecture that has remained unchanged for centuries, Venice is a must-see destination for everyone's bucket list! Particular highlights include chasing the pigeons in St Marco’s Basilica, a tour through the Doge’s Palace or an iconic gondola ride under the many bridges of Venice.


Made famous by Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, the city of love is well worth a visit to anyone travelling to this area for your chance to stand on Juliet’s balcony. An authentic northern Italian town, Verona is still full of the romance, beauty and culture that inspired the tragic love story of two star-crossed lovers.

Lake Garda

Italy’s Lago di Garda is the country’s largest lake surrounded by a string of picturesque, postcard towns. With lots of opportunities for hiking the outdoors, take some time to explore the beautiful landscape and visit their historical churches, museums and medieval villages.
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