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Merlot is very versatile, you find it in your favourite everyday reds as well as in some of the most expensive wines in the world. It has seen significant growth in a relatively short lifespan, becoming a red that is favoured across the globe. It has a plush texture , full and smooth and is often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon. "Merlau" was a term used to describe blackbirds in the Bordeaux region. It was likely adopted to describe Merlot due to the grapes’ dark skin or possibly due to the blackbird's fondness for eating the grapes straight from the vine. It's another French varietal that's being championed in Australia with local winemakers applying a unique spin , the most sophisticated examples come from the cooler regions in Western Australia, such as Margaret River.

Country of Origin

Bordeaux | Rest of Europe | Chile | Australia | NZ

Flavour Profile

Red Fruits ,Black Cherry, Plum, Baked Figs, Cedar, Raspberry, Chocolate

Food Pairings

Slow cooked dishes, Blue Cheese, Garlic, Berries and Fruit sauces, Mushrooms

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    2018 Patritti 'Merchant' Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre  Medium deep ruby red with a bright ruby hue. Aromas of raspberry, cherry and plum jump out of the glass, with subtle hints of musk...
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    2018 Harewood Estate Shiraz Cabernet From the Great Southern Region, the wine is a bright crimson colour with youthful purple hues. An aroma of rich aromatic nose displaying an enticing combination...
    Valued Up To $330.00
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