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Mendoza Region: region
Produces Argentina's most highly rated Malbec wines
Mendoza, Argentina
High altitude, arid climate
Number of wineries
Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
With over 350,000 acres of planted vineyards the Mendoza region accounts for nearly two-thirds of the country’s wine production. Located in the shadow of Mt. Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas, these vineyards are at one of the highest elevations in the world as most are planted at an average of 900 meters (approximately 3,000 feet) above sea level. Receiving little rainfall throughout the year, these vines are irrigated with runoff from melting glaciers on the Andes. It is exactly this arid and desert-like climate that creates the perfect environment for Malbec vines to be grown, a grape that thrives in high altitude and has become the primary production of the Mendoza region. Other vine varieties include Merlot, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Whilst the wineries range from small, family-owned properties to larger, modern productions all vineyards share the strong sense of community and heritage. There are three different wine producing areas within the overall Mendoza region, each with a unique distinction. Lujan de Cuyo, hailed as the “land of Malbec” and home to thriving vines planted predominantly with red wines; Uco Valley, considered one of the top wine regions in Argentina with the highest altitude vineyards; and Maipu Valley, one of the oldest wine producing regions that has shaped the Argentine wine industry.
Produces Argentina's most highly rated Malbec wines

Experiences and attractions

Discover the Andes

There are plenty of adventure opportunities to be had in the foothills of the Andres from mountain biking and hiking to horseback riding or white water rafting down the Mendoza River. Thrill seekers can head to Mt. Aconcagua to climb the highest peak in South America!

Mendoza City Centre

Dine on traditional asado in between wine tastings in the tree-lines streets of Mendoza and leisurely explore the city’s plazas and museums. Be sure to head to the centre of the city to visit the Plaza Independencias which is flanked by several historically important buildings.

Wine & Bike Tour

With such stunning landscape surrounding these vineyards, the best way to tour the wineries is by bike. Book onto a tour that includes lunch or hire a bike and plan your own route around the surrounding vineyards of Mendoza.
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