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Heathcote: region
Discover award winning vineyards and other delicious treasures
Victoria, Australia
Warm summers tempered by cool winds
Number of wineries
Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon

The history of Heathcote is one similar to so many small towns of its era - once a bustling gold mining and logging town, bringing people of many different cultures and nationalities, with hopes of making a gold fortune. Heathcote wines are defined by their inky depth of colour, and deep, dark, complex fruit. Voluptuous and well balanced, acid and tannin meld together in a way that does not dominate the fruit, but gives the wine great cellaring ability.

These characteristics are a product not only of winemaking skills, but of the vineyard itself. It is the ‘terroir’ of the different vineyards that is responsible. Terroir is the interaction of the soil, sunlight, rainfall and micro climates and it creates unique conditions determining the way the vine, and hence the wine, develop. While the terroirs of Heathcote differ, they all produce high quality fruit – and can be credited with the burgeoning fame and demand for Heathcote wines. T

The Shiraz grape is the main planting, with the Heathcote Shiraz being renowned for its unique character. The Heathcote Wine & Food Festival held in early October is a fantastic event staged over a long weekend where you taste nearly every wine made in Heathcote.

Discover award winning vineyards and other delicious treasures
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