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Chardonnay has enormous popularity because its easy to grow adapring to a variety of climates and is a maleable grape that can change its flavour profile. There can be a polarised view on people who love it and those that form part of the ABC club (Anything But Charonnary) . We love it becuase it is one of the grapes that goes in Champagne. In Australia it has long been associated with a deep, oily, buttery style that experiences full malolactic fermentation and excessive amounts of oak treatment, that has since gone out of fashion nationwide. Australia's cooler wine regions, especially the Yarra Valley, are leading the charge on leaner, acid-driven styles of Chardonnay, more closely aligned with Burgundy, with winemakers reducing or entirely preventing malic acid conversion and reducing both the duration of oak maturation and the percentage of new oak used. Oakridge Wines is a leading proponent of this style.

Country of Origin

Burgundy | New Zealand | Australia | South Africa | California | Chile

Flavour Profile

Apple, Tropical , Buttery Melon

Food Pairings

Shellfish, Lobster, Chicken, Turkey and Quail. Pasta, Risotto and other starchy foods.

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