You sit down at the newest fancy restaurant in town, you open the wine list and… you have no idea what half of the words mean.

It’s true - if you’re new to the world of wines, knowing which one to order at a restaurant can be an intimidating task. Especially if you’re ordering for others as well!

However, once you learn all the tips and tricks for ordering wine like a true connoisseur, you’ll have no problem picking the perfect bottle for each occasion. Keep reading to learn more!

Take a Look at the Menu Beforehand

If you want to ace a test, you study for it - and the same logic applies here.

Make sure to check the restaurant’s wine list and look up any words you’re not familiar with. You can even look for online reviews on the options available for further guidance. 

Learn About Wine-Food Pairings

First things first, wine-food pairings aren’t strict rules, but rather helpful suggestions.

You can always try something new, but if you want to keep it safe as a wine beginner, it’s best to learn what foods go with white, red, rosé, orange, and sparkling wine.

Ask For Other’s Opinions

It might feel like the pressure is all on you when you’re sitting there, analysing each word of the wine menu - but you can always ask for some help!

Ask your companions what they feel like or if they know any of the wines in the list. Additionally, if there’s a wine specialist in the restaurant, make sure to ask them any questions you might have.

Don’t Base Your Choice on Price

Wine can be expensive, so having a budget can be a good idea.

However, one of our top tips for ordering wine is that you don’t go for the cheapest option, just because it’s cheap. Likewise, don’t go for the most expensive, just because it is expensive!

Be open about your price range and ask the server for the best option within that budget.

When it comes to ordering wine at a restaurant, practice makes perfect. Every time you do so, you’ll learn more about each wine and, in no time, you’ll sound like a true wine aficionado!

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